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Daniela Ferrari

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Always been keen about linen, Daniela Ferrari lives and works in Rome, but she was born in Prato which is a few kilometers from Pistoia and Florence, two cities famous for being the cradle of handmade quality embroidered dowry and linen.
A long previous experience with an important airline gave her the opportunity to have links all over the world and also to appreciate the pragmatism regarding linen production in the Anglo-Saxon way. Moreover, the suggestion is to match the taste of the Italian handicraft with the practical way of production applied in other countries, aiming more on the quality of the textile fabric and the manual finishing touch through “hand-machine” system.
In this way, it is possible to produce handicrafts through a combination of present high technology seaming and machine embroidering.
By now, Daniela Ferrari is devoted to this activity for so many years.
And besides, in consideration of the fact that there is lack of “tailored-size” and “out of range-size” in both categories - bed sheets and tablecloths, she aims the production towards this exclusive target group.
She introduced her own dowry production at famous Hotels in Rome, obtaining great success and popularity.

Some creations by Daniela Ferrari

VISITATORI DAL 21 - 04 -2009:

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